40 trash bag challenge

40 Trash Bag Challenge Starts Tomorrow


Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and the start of the 40 trash bag challenge.

When possible I plan to donate those things I am getting rid of.  There are many things I have that I do not want and do not need but would be perfectly serviceable for someone else.   Then there are things that have stayed in my home that are sheer folly — I don’t need them – I don’t want them – I will never use them – in some cases they aren’t use-able but I don’t let them go.  I cling to something material when I should just let it go.

But the first bag is going to definitely be a useful bag.  I am going through my closet and I am going to be brutal.  If I haven’t worn something in a year, and I have no plans to wear it in the next few months,  if it doesn’t fit today it is gone.  I will allow myself three exceptions and the rest is going to charity.

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