Friday quick takes — getting it right?

June 19, 2009 § Leave a comment

7 Quick Takes With Jen

7 Quick Takes With Jen

1. Kyle and I hiked up to the top of Multnomah falls last Sunday.  Today we took the kiddos and hiked around McDowells Creek Falls. One of our goals this summer is to fit in some kind of hike or out-door physical activity every weekend.  So far we are doing ok.   Except we are both insanely sore.

The kids enjoyed the hike

The kids enjoyed the hike

2. In WoW my little insane 10 man killed KT our 3rd week in Naxx.  This wouldn’t be a huge achievement except that 3 people in the raid had never raided before ever.  They all learned a lot in a short amount of time.  It also felt really good to one-shot 4 horseman, Thaddeus,  and Saph the first time we ever hit them.

I am not really a healer, I just play one on WoW

I am not really a healer, I just play one on WoW

If that made no sense to you at all, don’t worry.

3. Sometimes people amaze me.  I was reading this week about a fake crisis pregnancy blog called Little April Rose… or something like that,  apparently it was all a hoax.  I hadn’t followed this blog, but I know there are many who did.  This is not the part that amazes me.  It doesn’t even surprise me — in fact I have seen people fake pregnancies, crisis pregnancies,  sick babies et. al. before.  Usually this was done on parenting forums though where maybe a couple hundred people got duped and maybe a few had sent money, cards, or gifts to the liar-in-question and/or where very emotionally invested in the whole thing.   This seemed bigger in that the blog-in-question was huge, apparently 100,000 hits a day or something insane like that — with advertisers and such.    One business that started to catch on early, but by no means the first, was RuffleButts. On the company blog the owner posted something about the situation to let people know they were aware of the situation and were looking into it (smart business move).   The Amazing part: how mean spirited some of the comments she got were.

One of those things that just astounds me over and over is how people can talk about being Christian and then basically say “and I am going to get you”, or in this case:   “I was looking at your ruffled pants yesterday and thinking how sweet they were – your actions have assured me that I will neither purchase or endorse your company in the future.  In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll be sharing the way you handled this on my blog and with other mothers.  We reap what we sow, think on that.”

She never comes back and apologizes (at least not within the week since this all broke).   I suppose I should think about this situation and use it to learn something about myself and how I deal with those who offend me — I find that often when something really irks me it is because it reflects something about myself that I dislike, but this is just a quick take afterall.

4. I found new motivation to work on my “day-trip” and “purse” packing check lists.  It is something I keep thinking about doing be never getting around to.  I hate getting somewhere and realising that I don’t have something I usually have with me.

Hannah in the woods

Hannah in the woods

5.  Parts of the path today were very mossy.  I love living in Oregon.  Josh was saying that we were in the Garden of Eden.  It was really hard to argue with him.

6. Christopher was in California today with my parents.  Yesterday they hit Disneyland and today it was California Adventures.  He was very excited when we spoke on the phone this morning.  He wanted to talk to his siblings.  I know he is having a fantastic time, but part of him misses his brother and sisters too.

The Dad

The Dad

7. Father’s Day is this weekend.  That great guy I mentioned last week is a great dad too.


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