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Heads up

I know a good number of Catholic mommy-bloggers link (or used to link) to Moms for Modesty, hosted by “Everyday Mommy“.   I saw her button when I first started blogging, but did  link to her because I detected a bit of an “anti-catholic” slant to her writing.  Nothing obvious and nothing I would want to say anything about at the time, but enough to make me think better than to link to her.  But I did support her Moms for modesty effort.

But as true colors often do she has finally shown them in all their ugliness.  (note: that she cut off the crucifix in her image, and accidentally I am sure – I don’t think she is low enough to try to mislead her readers that way.  She probably doesn’t even realize she did.  By eliminating Christ from the rosary mysteries in her image she actually creates  the thing she is really attacking.  It is almost a perfect example of a strawman.)

It isn’t that she is expressing a view counter to Catholic teaching — Catholics see that all the time.   It is her  mocking, nasty, ugly tone that is really offensive.  Also offensive is the way that she lumps everyone who has a different opinion as an “enemy”.     I guess this is just one of those cases where we need to pray.  This woman obviously has issues with what she believes the Catholic Church to be I pray her heart will be softened and her eyes opened to the truth.

Update: You might note that Everyday Mommy says in the comments that the image she used never had a crucifix.   My comments still stand.  It doesn’t matter if she cut it off or simply picked a picture with no crucifix.  A string of prayer beads without a crucifix isn’t a rosary, she was talking about rosaries, she is leaving the Crucified Christ off the Rosary and then condemning the rosary for taking away from Christ.  Strawman argument: accuse your adversary (she calls them enemies) of something they neither say nor do and then argue against the point of your own imagining.

My world

Sad news

Monday we went to the Dr’s office for a quick ultra-sound and discovered that we had an anembryonic pregnancy,  it is also called a blighted ovum.  Basically everything developed fine except the baby.

It was such a sad thing looking at the screen with the kind of smooshed looking sac and where the little baby should have been there was nothing, no heart beat, no little arms or legs, no head and spine curled safely and securely inside me, nothing, just an empty space.

nothing is just such a horrible reality.  It creates such a disconnected sense of feelings. I feel like there is a well of grief and sorrow trapped inside my head that I can’t let out.  I am afraid to be around anyone too much because I feel like this dam will break suddenly and without control.   A week ago I was dreaming of little fingers and smooshy noses and a soft bundled nursling.  But it was all just dreams, nothing of substance.   The reality is that my body was every bit as tricked as my mind, so I have all the discomfort of miscarriage without the loss of the baby and I can’t for the life of me figure out if that is better or worse.    It is a loss where nothing was lost except the hope for something that didn’t happen.