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I know a good number of Catholic mommy-bloggers link (or used to link) to Moms for Modesty, hosted by “Everyday Mommy“.   I saw her button when I first started blogging, but did  link to her because I detected a bit of an “anti-catholic” slant to her writing.  Nothing obvious and nothing I would want to say anything about at the time, but enough to make me think better than to link to her.  But I did support her Moms for modesty effort.

But as true colors often do she has finally shown them in all their ugliness.  (note: that she cut off the crucifix in her image, and accidentally I am sure – I don’t think she is low enough to try to mislead her readers that way.  She probably doesn’t even realize she did.  By eliminating Christ from the rosary mysteries in her image she actually creates  the thing she is really attacking.  It is almost a perfect example of a strawman.)

It isn’t that she is expressing a view counter to Catholic teaching — Catholics see that all the time.   It is her  mocking, nasty, ugly tone that is really offensive.  Also offensive is the way that she lumps everyone who has a different opinion as an “enemy”.     I guess this is just one of those cases where we need to pray.  This woman obviously has issues with what she believes the Catholic Church to be I pray her heart will be softened and her eyes opened to the truth.

Update: You might note that Everyday Mommy says in the comments that the image she used never had a crucifix.   My comments still stand.  It doesn’t matter if she cut it off or simply picked a picture with no crucifix.  A string of prayer beads without a crucifix isn’t a rosary, she was talking about rosaries, she is leaving the Crucified Christ off the Rosary and then condemning the rosary for taking away from Christ.  Strawman argument: accuse your adversary (she calls them enemies) of something they neither say nor do and then argue against the point of your own imagining.

7 thoughts on “Heads up

  1. Thanks for the heads up! That was eye-opening in an ugly way. It sort of hurt actually to see what she’d written about Mary. “She’s not the Queen of Heaven,” and so on. How sad.

  2. That was just uncalled for and I certainly won’t be back to her website — ever! Thank you! Carol (mom to Maren)

  3. Thanks for the heads up. A leopard can’t hide its spots. Her post says a whole lot about her, including the ugly anti-Catholic views you detected all along as well as her true ignorance of Catholicism.

    I saw on her site: “Catholics think they are Christians” ????? You have got to be kidding. Original and complete Christians, that’s what we are.

    Everyday Mommy: You may have chosen an image without a crucifix, but you could have chosen any other image. So even if you didn’t edit the picture, you sure tried to hide that Christ is central to the rosary. Even if you still hate it, you could be honest about it.

    Will offer a prayer for her. Will not visit her ever again. Glad I never linked to her.

  4. “Everyday Mommy” then it wasn’t a rosary. A Rosary has a crucifix — the fact that you would use an inaccurate picture to make and inaccurate point would be amusing if it wasn’t so darn sad.

  5. If anyone would care to read the post(s) you’ll see that they address “prayer beads”, not exclusively rosaries.

    Your comments here are serving to prove my point that prayer beads are inextricably linked to the rosary and to Catholicism.

  6. No, actually “prayer beads” are not just a Catholic thing. Both Buddhists and Muslims use meditative beads in their prayers, though I am not certain what form those prayers take. I know my Muslim roommate in college had a string of beads with which she prayed.

    You seem very caught up in this idea that everyone has to pray like you do in order to be really Christian. Last I checked the only requirements Christ put on being Christian were to love and serve God and to believe in Him. We might well disagree with what that means or how that call is lived out in our lives. In the end I follow Christ through the teachings of the Catholic Church (the church I fully believe He commissioned Peter to start, lead and promised that the gates of hell would never prevail against) you follow a belief (if I understand correctly your position of Sola Scriptura) of the Bible alone.

    I believe your doctrine is in error and not even compatible with the Bible itself, but I respect you as a fellow Christian. I certainly would never mock your beliefs or practices or hold you or your church home in contempt. With the entirety of the Catholic Church I pray that we may all be one united in the Banquet of Christ.

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