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Noticing small things

Picking Blossoms - Emily Claus
Picking Blossoms - Emily Claus

This has been a very unusual spring, a very derailed Lent, and an almost overshadowed Easter.

Yesterday the weather was dreadful, there was heavy rain and hail, deceptive sun-breaks and then more bad weather.   Today the weather has been slowly lifting and the sun is creeping out from behind the clouds and tomorrow promises to be a fine day.  Spring has snuk up on me.  The little blossoms have been there, the snow drops and the crocuses and the daffodils and the tulips have all had their turn.  My favorite lilacs are just starting to appear.  It is in these small,  little things that the truest beauty is.  These little treasures are so easy to miss  when the weather is foul and things aren’t going well, but they are always there just the same.

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