40 bags of stuff. · Lent

40 Trash Bag Challenge — Day 9


Today is Thursday,  March 5, 2009

This is the ninth day of the 2009 40 trash bag challenge.  The challenge is an  opportunity to remove the excess clutter and “stuff” from our lives.  The excess can be given away, sold, donated or trashed.   The first goal is to let go; the second goal is to bless others.

Today’s  bag of stuff for our family will come from the office.  This is a clutter day for me – while I would love to be able to bless someone else with each bag, that isn’t possible.  I am going through my files culling out old and outdated information (that lease agreement form 1994 is NOT going to be needed again) and tossing them.

I suppose in a way this sort of thing helps others, mostly my family, but also those I have made commitments to.  I am one of those people who end up with piles and piles of semi-important papers because I am afraid to let anything go until I have thought about it.  But my procrastination lets things accumulate as I put off thinking about them.  Then I have clutter.  Lent is a good time to look at those problems we face with a critical eye,   How is this helping my walk with Christ, or is it hindering me.  Not dealing with semi-important things in a timely manner hurts.  It hurts my peace, my real life friendships and my spiritual progression.

We are missed starting talking about St Casimir yesterday so we are catching that today along with this fine Saint we are looking at Lithuania and Poland, especially their Easter traditions.

Today’s Scripture Reading

Quote for the day: First, do what is necessary. Next, do what is possible. Soon, you will find you are doing the impossible!”  –  St. Francis of Assisi

Reading about Saint Casimir.

Craftpisanki for kids  (this will take about three days).

Lap book page: Poland and Lithuania packet.  St Casmir,  maps, coloring page. (this will span over for several days.

Other great ideas: (if you stumble on something that should be linked here please comment or send me the link)

Jesus Tree

A Meaningful Lent

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