Reflections on the Day

Reflections on the Day – November 7, 2008


Reflections on the Day for November 7, 2008.
Typical wet fall day in Portland. 

Plans for today – We Have Little Flowers this morning.  Tonight is “pizza night”.

I am wearing  Cream top and brown pants.  I need to get my shoes on soon.

I am feeling  Sleepy,  I had a strange dream that we were selling our house.  Most of our neighborhood had been leveled and we needed to go somewhere else.

I am hearing –  Almost nothing, the computer is humming and Christopher is trying to convince Sarah to get out of my bed and eat breakfast.

I am thankful for  Kyle being home!  Even if he does have to go back again, it was nice to get him back so soon.

In prayer Our nation, my grandmother.

The Children:

Ashley – I wish she would remember to ask for things more than 12 hours before she needs them.
Rachel –  She turns 15 this weekend.  Holy Cow!
Christopher – Is a funny kid.  He is good at getting the dog to do what he wants.
Hannah – Is very excited for Little Flowers today.
Joshua –  Is starting off on kind of a bad foot this morning.  I will be glad when he gets over this phase.
– Snuk into my bed last night.  Silly little bed bug.

The Homefires:

Kitchen – Pizza night!  woot!
Craft-room – There is a bit of sewing I am getting to and I need to take my machine in for its tune-up.
Music – Here is that lovely version of the Ave Maria by Caccini I found the other day on the Anchoress

Lucky Room of the Day –  The bathroom.

My pleasant thought for the Day –

 “Joy is not in things; it is in us”

Richard Wagner


A picture worth a thousand words – 

Happy Pumpkin patch kids.

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