The debate

I listened to the VP debate tonight on CSPAN.  My favorite moment?  After the debate while, the mics were still hot Palin is leaving the stage,  Todd is coming up to greet her,  “Hey, hon!”, she says. ” Where are the kids?”  Could I identify with this woman more??  No, not really.

It was great.  In all the hand wringing I have heard over Palin one of silliest is “what about her kids?”  ok….

The response is of course that no man would  be asked that because obviously his wife would be taking care of the kids.  Todd Palin has shown himself capable of dealing with the home fires just fine while his wife goes big game hunting.  To think other wise is sexist at best and totally dismissive of Mr Palin.  I thought Sarah rocked tonight.   I still am thinking McCain-Palin will lose, but Gov Palin rocked.

4 thoughts on “The debate

  1. I recorded it but haven’t had a chance to watch yet. I love her question to her husband, though! And I agree with you…

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