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I’ve got a blog and I ain’t afraid to use it!

Ok, time for one of my very, very rare political posts: This is just too good to pass up.

The Anchoress, my tie to all things Opera and Political, is pointing out a small “rebellion” among the Republican members of the house.  To quote: “Today, the GOP asked for continued debate on oil drilling; the Democrats voted instead to adjourn.”  Instead of packing their bags and heading home some GOP members of congress are having a good old fashioned “sit in”  Good for them.  Do something interesting for once. 

 Now, I don’t really bother too much about what they want to talk about and vote for (Energy policy is the topic de jour) but what delights me to no end is poking the eye of the main stream media, the vultures who tell us what to think, what is important and filter the world on our ‘behalf’.  They are not covering this so far.  Even CSPAN has had their cameras turned off.  But this is news!  This is our politicians doing something quite unsual and something that has the potential of effecting us all.   So.. since I have a blog, and since I have a voice all ten of my faithful readers can hear about this too. Take that Main Stream Meida Monster (I feel so like St George now) HA!


Update:  Seriously I think if I lived in DC I would grab the sleeping bag and some pizza and head down to support the Reps who are there.   I know I said above that I don’t much care about the actual vote.  I do, I mean my brother and his wife heat with oil – they bought half what they would normally because of how expensive it is.  They are planning for a cold winter.  I really feel for people in the colder climes.  Now, I know that even if something very solid and sensible were to be passed today it would be a while before we would see energy costs coming down, but for crying out loud if this stupid congress can vote to bail out banks and homeowners who knowingly and willingly over-extended themselves (gambled and lost) then we can darn well do something to help out families and small businesses that are getting crushed under these horrible energy costs.  Price caps on oil, I don’t care, but do something.  To adjourn and go home while your constituents are trying to figure out if they can afford heating oil for the winter is obscene.

Update 2: Way to Go CSPAN (I am not crazy for liking CSPAN)  Rep. Culberson is “twittering” this and CSPAN has him linked.