Oh no, not a MeMe!

July 18, 2008 § 2 Comments

Yes, I know, next I will be blogging about blogging too.    I found this over at A Wink and a Smile  and thought it looked fun and challenging.  So here we go:

One Word MeMe

1.  Where is your cell phone? pocket
2.  Your significant other?  Work
3.  Your hair? Secured
4.  Your mother? Working
5.  Your father?  Solid
6.  Your favorite things? Aren’t
7.  Your dream last night? convoluted
8.  Your favorite drink?  coffee
9.  Your dream/goal?  heaven
10.  The room you’re in?  office
11.  Your church?  Catholic
12.  Your fear?  parting
13.  Where do you want to be in 6 years? here
14.  Where were you last night? here
15.  What you’re not? perfect
16.  Muffins? please
17.  One of your wish list items?  Buffet
18.  Where you grew up?  ranch
19.  The last thing you did? blog
20.  What are you wearing? clothing
21.  Your TV?  dormant
22.  Your pets? good
23.  Your computer? cluttered
24.  Your life?  full
25.  Your mood? contemplative
26.  Missing someone?  no
27.  Your car?  minivan
28.  Something you’re not wearing? shoes
29.  Favorite store?  fabric
30.  Your summer?  Fun
31.  Like (love) someone?  husband
32.  Your favorite color?  changes
33.  Last time you laughed? today
34.  Last time you cried?  Yesterday
35.  Who will re-post this?  you?

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