My world

Slow week for the blog –

Busy week for me

Saturday:Saturday started on Friday when Kyle and I went out to fix the boy’s bunk bed situation.  We had ordered a nice set from American the Beautiful Dreamer and they hadn’t come in, it had been a month, the store person (Lilly) was a perfect gem and really nice, but the best should could tell us was maybe by June they would be in.  So we took back our deposit and went looking.  I had heard their might be some bunk beds available homeschool community, but it looked like someone else was interested in those before us so we went ahead and headed to one of the furniture stores that was going bankrupt and picked up a good deal on a really nice set.

Enter Saturday morning.  My dad has a rather large truck so we borrowed it went and got the beds and mattresses and then unloadedthem and put them together.  Happy boys, sore muscles and some darn nice looking beds:

Sunday:  We do more driving on Sundays than we do the rest of the week combined.  First to mass, then to either get Rachel and then  take Rachel home or just take her home, take Ashely to her Social thing then back to pick her up.  Crazy times. 

Monday: Monday is always busy.  It is my Kitchen day.  This Monday was so beautiful.  The weather was just perfect.  We spent the whole day hanging laundry out on the new line, playing in the back yard, doing seeds for science and riding bikes.  Just a fantastic day.

Tuesday: Was busy also, I made bread, did more laundry. The rain returned so we had to move the drying indoors.  I had some client work that needed attending.

Wednesday: Always our fun day.  We had CCD and our homeschool group in the afternoon.  Made crock-pot dinner and had a good day.

Thursday: Started with an Ashley Dr appointment (regular check up stuff) then had friends over for dinner.  Lots of fun.  Lots of kiddo fun five of ours and five of theirs all having as much noisy fun as possible.  Insanely loud, busy boys.  Dinner turned out good, I made a couple pies  the husbands got to get acquainted and seemed to hit it off.  We all looked up at the clock and were shocked that it was after 10pm.  Then I had to take Christoper over to my parent’s house so he could go camping with dad this weekend.

Friday: Man it is Friday already…..

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