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May for Mary


May is the month of Mary, the Blessed Mother.  At our parish there is a Grotto on the north side where we have a beautiful statue of Mary and the children love bringing flowers to Mary when we go for mass or CCD. 

This month we have a few activities that we will be working on.  The biggest is to plan our “Mary Garden” this has been a long term thing for me.  Something I keep thinking about then putting off and picking back up but I haven’t done it.  This month we will be actually doing it.  

We are also going the be studying the Rosary prayers and talking about the life of Christ through his mother’s eyes.  Kind of exciting really.

One of the things as a convert to the Catholic faith that took a long time for me to click with was the Mary thing.  Part of me didn’t really get it.  I could intellectually say that yes, Mary is very special, she has a unique mission in all of creation and she lived her mortal portion out in a way that is splendid and shinning example, but at the same time it just didn’t click.

Slowly I got to know her better.  I can see my own need for a mother in my faith experience.  The rosary has been helpful there, especially reflecting on the mysteries and how they show Christ to us in the most intimate and human way, through the eyes of his mother.