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Waiting for Rain

Over at Simple Gifts I found the above video. 

I suppose it is the greatest of Christian challenges to just live for God.  I know a great deal was made of Mother Teresa’s journals when they were release about ” The dark night of the soul” that long period of spiritual dryness that she, and so many great souls, faced.  To me it was a blessing to know how she felt.  Our world is a place where there are many dark Corners, where the light is sometimes difficult to see, or worse burning so pure and complete as to make us feel not just naked but transparent.

We are halfway through Lent and Easter is edging closer everyday.  In ways this has been a very good Lent for me, in others it has felt somewhat disconnected, I guess would be the right word.   I am looking forward to Easter.  I can feel the journey through Lent building.  When I was a child living in Eastern Oregon storms never felt sudden.  You would see clouds gathering in the distance, the wind would begin to pick-up then the smell of the rain in the distance.  Easter is like that for me this year a distant storm that grows and travels, I can feel it and hear it and smell it coming.  I am waiting in anticipation, but I am not sure exactly what will be.