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Speaking of Dumb as Rocks

Corinne Maier has published a ground breaking work that is sure to save shallow idiots everywhere from the horrible drudgery and tedium that is parenthood.  Her No Kid, 40 Reasons for Not Having Childrenpoints out chapter by chapter that having children is hard work, self sacrifice and not the fast track to material success — just in case you missed that and figured that child-rearing would be a good way to entertain yourself and would keep you from being lonely. Yes, and in other news water IS wet.

I have seen a lot of comments in the “Mommy-blog-sphere” about how awful this book is, especially for this woman’s children.  But I can’t help but wonder… really is she serious?  Could anyone actually have a degree in psychology and still be so stunningly naive about the burden that child rearing can be?  Could anyone be that clueless?  I find it much more likely that she wrote the book to be provocative and knew it would stir a reaction and consequently make her a great deal of money.   Either that or she really is unfathomably self-centered and incapable of understanding that other people are not having children for exactly the same reasons she claims to have. 

I never expected raising children to be easy, but it is fun.  There are moments of heartbreak and pain.  There is also unexplainable pride, joy and happiness.  There is nothing that beats seeing my children learn and grow and become interesting accomplished people in their own right.   I suppose if I thought they would be little robots that I programed out to be just like what I wanted, or it to be some fantasy perfect child thing I would be disappointed, but then I probably would have stopped at two.   

I hope, really I do hope that Ms Maier is sitting around the dinner table tonight laughing with her children about how great mummy’s little plan to make them enough money to afford a great vacation this year and put them through university is going.  They all giggle at the great joke they have played on the world.  She gives them a big hug tonight and tells them how much she loves them and that she wouldn’t trade them for all the art exhibits and cocktail parties  in the world.  Because really, the alternative is sad. 

A tip of the hat to Karen Edmisten

2 thoughts on “Speaking of Dumb as Rocks

  1. I wanted to laugh until you mentioned she actually has children. Whatever her reasons for writing this, surely she shows complete lack of respect and love for her own children in this. She seems to be saying; ‘wish I’d never had you’.

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