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Homeschool them

So they won’t be Dumb as rocks  via Homeschool buzz.

 Seriously, this is worth reading if just for the laugh and little bit of self-congratulating.

Here are the main points if you don’t want to bother clicking things:

  • Turn off the television.
  • Read to your kids.
  • Eat together.
  • Be a learner.
  • Get out of the house and serve the poor with kids in tow.
  • Homeschool.
  • Get them into Boy Scouts…or something like it.
  • Get theological.
  • Have kids within the context of marriage.
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This made me laugh and think

Wheelock is EVIL

I am still waiting for the debate over the “Golden Compass” to reach Harry Potter levels of hysteria.  Or actually maybe not.  I think there is much less wiggle room on the “Golden Compass” than there was with HP (which DH and DD15 have read and enjoyed).  But  it is definitely one thing on the “looking at but haven’t decided on list”.   We don’t really go to movies and since the kids aren’t in public school it will most likely be a non-issue for us, but time will tell.

 Over at Standing on my head  there is a few wonderful thoughts on our aweful hymns citing one of the main issues… how the mass is misunderstood.  My thoughts on that topic are here.

Christmas Alliance

Advent 2007

Advent 2007 begins (for the Catholic liturgical calendar) on  December 2 this year.  So, exactly one month from today.  This year I firmly resolve to buy the candles for my advent wreath before the end of the first week of advent.  I am lucky enough to live about five blocks from a wonderful little bookstore that I know will have them.  If I get in early enough.  Last year I procrastinated and ended up not being able to find candles and I had to hunt around for three purple and one pink candle.  So, I will be better this year. (If you don’t have a local source you can purchase them here)

Saying “Hi”, to the Christmas Alliance  with the gentle reminder that Advent starts in one month!