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An Old Christmas Friend


Here in Portland we are blessed when it comes to radio.  We have a couple very nice Christian talk/music stations, a great jazz station, very good classical and my personal favorite KBVM — our very own lay-owned Catholic radio station. 

Among the many fantastic things about KBVM is the Advent/Christmas season.  While every other radio station is stuck playing the same 14 Christmas songs 24/7 KBVM is playing its regular selections with Advent music mixed in.  Christmas Eve comes followed by Christmas day and 12 days of Christmas music both religious and secular to celebrate the season.  

KBVM is a family friendly radio station.  Twice a day there is “Kid’s songs” — Veggietales, fun sing-along songs and community children reciting scriptures or prayers.  My children look forward to this especially during Advent where KBVM replaces their usual offerings with a classic radio show entitled “The Cinnamon Bear”. 

I believe that the start date this year will be November 16th.  You can listen to KBVM on their website.  “The Cinnamon Bear” dates back to the 1930s and is really quaint.  Two children go up into their attic to find their Christmas star and end up on a wild adventure hunting a Crazy-Quilt Dragon who has stolen their star with the help of Paddy O’Cinnamon.  I will admit that I find it a wee bit grating, but the children laugh and get terribly excited by it and look forward to each installment… so who am I to argue. 

For more information check out:
Wikipedia for some history on the program
Radio Lovers has all the shows for free download to listen

So this Advent season you might want to check it out.  And take a couple minutes to check out the other offerings at the Christmas Alliance.

Christmas Alliance

Christmas Lights

Well,  here I start my Christmas Alliance posting.  I told the Random Yak that I might be able to come up with a few simple-minded Christmas reflections and I will attempt to be good to my word.

I love Christmas.  But it usually sneaks up on me and stresses me out in about mid December.  So this is a good thing that I am working on something to remind me that it is coming… with all its joy and tinsel and such.

One thing I  was considering this year was forgoing poinsettias.  Why you might ask?  Well here is an article that just made me go ick.   I can not think of a single thing that would be more of an affront to our Lord than spending money where I know part of it will go to support Planned Parenthood the murder of unborn children on the celebration of His birth.   But.. I think I may go hog wild now because of this:

Down Home Ranch from their site

Value Statement
Down Home Ranch seeks to be faithful to the Christian mission to provide for those in need.
The mission of Down Home Ranch is to build a rural, self-reliant community for adults with mental retardation, offering training, housing, recreation, and dignified employment, as well as opportunities for growth in mind, body, and spirit. 

Some of my readers may remember that I have a daughter who is severely autistic and while her issues are more profound than the issues that the Down Home Ranch supports I can’t help but feel good to see these young people here in such a lovely place. 

(nod to Kint Tigether in Love)