Lies fly truth crawls

Obviously, the best way to diffuse a tense situation is to bang and chant in the face of a child.

And if you are a Trump supporting Catholic School boy apparently you will be doxed, vilified and denounced before the full story even comes out.   When I first saw the Covington Catholic High School vrs Nathan Phillips story something didn’t seem quite right to me.    People I know who are sensible, intelligent people were posting these videos online and talking about how horrible these kids were, how they should be punched in their “smug faces” and worse.  Now, of course, we are finding out there is more to the story.    Reason does a good job breaking this down.  The problem is now you have a teenage boy receiving death threats and a family being harassed and threatened all because someone lied and the media ate it up because it fits their narrative.

Update: If you really want to see what this kid was up against have someone start clapping about 3 inches from your face and then think about being 16 or so in a crowd with a stranger chanting loudly in a language you don’t understand with his drum inches from your face.

 has a wonderful op-ed on this topic.

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