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‘I’m scared of my own autistic child’ – BBC News


I am so glad to see this video.  On one hand, it is horrible – but it was our life for so long.   I find it so sad that the one mom who had placed her child in residential services didn’t want to be shown on screen.  It is hard – you don’t want to be the parent who gave up and even though you want to think that people will be understanding there are always those people who will say “I could never do that.”

One thought on “‘I’m scared of my own autistic child’ – BBC News

  1. This is heartbreaking. My wife and I have lived with our 39-year-autistic son from birth. He was diagnosed at age two. We are extremely blessed that he has no violent behaviors. He does from time to time have “freak outs”–screaming, yelling nonsense words, and carrying on, sometimes for hours usually in the middle of the night–but no violence. He is amazingly flexible for a person with autism. We typically take him with us whenever we go out, including to dinner, and he has even gone on numerous vacation trips with us. His screaming fits are sometimes–but not always–triggered by things like dogs not on leashes, mothers yelling at their kids, and thunderstorms. Often we don’t know what sets him off, and, though he is quite verbal, he doesn’t have the capability of telling us, although he will sometimes quietly say Yes to suggestions we make. He was taught to read by a very patient teacher at age 7, and can read practically anything. He is fascinated by words and talks for hours on end about adjectives and their opposites.

    From very early on he has been enthralled by the Liturgy and often during Mass will get an ecstatic look on his face, which many parishioners have seen and commented to us about. If any parts of the Mass are left out or changed, such as no Gloria during Lent, we must warn him in advance or there will be loud complaining.We have gotten permission, authorized by our bishop, for him to receive Holy Communion.

    I can’t imagine the pain and sorrow and hardship that would come from a dearly loved and gently cared for autistic son or daughter. I will offer daily prayers for all parents who must suffer such hardship.

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