Simplicity and Minimalism


It is that time of year where I most have to fight the cultural influence to get more stuff, have more stuff, do more stuff and all that stuff: Christmas.   Consequently it is the time where I am inclined to leave Simplicity and head right off into Minimalism – which is not something that will work long term for me (at least not as long as I have children).

I can only work on my own definitions here but the distinction between minimalism and simplicity so I am not sure if there would ever be agreement on the differences, bu very, very broadly: Minimalism works from the outside in and Simplicity works from the inside out.

This isn’t to say that one or the other is better, but I work better when I am targeting simplicity by avoiding complication in my world and minimizing things that cause me stress and distraction, but I very much appreciate the more Spartan approach of limiting material possessions and concerns in order to achieve a internal peace and order.   Which is a rather self congratulatory way of reminding myself that it would be a bad idea to grab everything the children have in their rooms and haul it all off to Goodwill.

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