Christopher’s Confirmation


It seems really hard to believe that he is that he is old enough, but here he is – suit and all, looking every bit the young man.   Of course yesterday was one of those days where we were all running around in seven different directions culminating in being at the parish at 6:30 pm.   One of those moments where God has a sense of humor.   I was sure I was praying for peace — I think He thought I was praying for patience because Lizzy was bound and determined to test mine all through the mass. 



christopher and the Bishop

The archbishop was gracious and warm — but somehow my camera just made them look fuzzy.  The homily was one of those where you are left with a total conviction of the faith.  The archbishop spoke so earnestly about how he could trace his ordination back to the 15th century where the church records were lost, but that he knew that the line went back to the Apostles.  He described how terrified the Apostles were after the Ascension, hiding in a room, fearing for  their very lives until the Holy Spirit descended on them. This transformed them instantly and permanently and led them all save one to martyrs deaths. This spirit was sacramentally passed down from those first Apostles to our Archbishop and to the young people last night.   It was one of those homilies where you want to jump up and say “lead on”,  a reminder that we need fear nothing ever for our God holds the universe in His hands.

It was a beautiful night.


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