A video to share

I am linking this so that the blog layout doesn’t chop it off.  I enjoyed this video this morning.  Monastic life in the Coptic tradition.

The way Father Pete had to work through and deal with letting go of the distractions of life was inspirational.  I am convinced that all these modern things, the noise and stuff and business of modern life dulls our senses to what is most important.  Father Pete says, ” The goodness is the struggle and to be aware that it is a struggle, be aware that we are constantly making choices between the good and  bad, the good choice and the bad choice.  I’m not very good at it.  But I’ve come to acknowledge  since being here  the importance of that struggle and that it is an eternal, human struggle and that not to engage in it means that we just fall asleep; we become numb and I was numb when I got here.  I know that now.”

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