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Advice to Myself

I was thinking this morning about Disney’s Alice in Wonderland and this scene:

I suppose this describes me very well.  I give myself awfully good advice — my follow through is not as admirable.

I was thinking about this a bit this morning and I came to a couple of conclusions:

Stick with what is working, change what doesn’t, and  don’t change what does work in an attempt to fix everything.

I have a terrible habit of doing this.  Kyle called me on it last week when I sat down to rework the house work thing.  The past couple months had side tracked me and things had built up and chaos was starting to rule again.  I pulled out a piece of paper and starting thinking out-loud about changing things, routines and all that and he told me to stop.  We had a plan, it was working I just needed to go back to what worked.  I didn’t need to rework the whole thing.

Overall – A small change for the better that lasts is better than a temporary big change for the better.

I am sure there are some exceptions to this, but I know that the small changes that I make that stick do me more good in the long run than big changes that are only temporary.  I suppose enough small changes add up to big changes and that is even better.

I shouldn’t let myself get discouraged by the fact that I have to “start over”.

I find it kind of alarming that sometimes everything seems to slip all at once, but starting over is always the better option than just ignoring that fact that things are off  center again.   Starting over is the opportunity to go back to doing what works and to make small changes to the things that don’t.

2 thoughts on “Advice to Myself

  1. Some great insight!!!! I guess what it comes down to is knowing what to do is the easy part, doing it is the hard part.

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