Things that are hard to find on Google

Sometimes I think it is interesting how difficult certain things can be to find on Google.  I was searching for “how to avoid advertising” — because I would like to see some ideas on how people avoid advertising.

Pages of “how to avoid adverting mistakes”  no, no, no.   That is not what I want at all.  I had better luck with “how to avoid consumerism.”

2 thoughts on “Things that are hard to find on Google

  1. Hi fellow Catholic mom of an autistic child,

    I’ve looked around for your name, but can’t find it. My name’s Mary Nisson, parent of 21-year-old David, who has autism. Dave and I are on our own, so I don’t get a chance to attend my former “realworld” support group meetings. I’m looking for comraderie online.

    It’s ironic you’ve posted about the difficulty of searching online, because I sure had a hard time finding you. I’m surprised at how few websites are for Catholic parents of autistic sons or daughters. Would you mind sending me some links you’ve found to other Catholic parents out there sharing about autism?

    I went ahead and started a “Ning” community, and named it: Catholicautism. It has the potential for forums, blogs, etc. but, I don’t know how to find members. I’m the only parishioner at church with an autistic child, and I’m the only Catholic member of my autism support group. I really need community.

    Thank you for having this blog.

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