Warrior Moms and Refrigerator Moms

it’s always mom’s fault.

There is a mindset that if your child has autism you should fight tooth and nail, never surrender- never give up, not even in the face of teachers, doctors, or therapists who tell you “nothing” can be done.  The warrior mother picks up her spear and goes out to fight for her child so her child will be cured of autism and have a normal life.   Best case scenario: >80% of children diagnosed with autism at age three will still be autistic at 18 no matter what treatments or therapies they have access to.   They may function at a higher level, be able to learn how to interact more typically, but they will still be autistic.

It used to be that mom’s were blamed outright for not having attached properly to their children and causing autism.  Now mothers are told that if they do enough autism can be cured a la Jenny McCarthy.  But reality isn’t that kind.  For the vast majority of autistic children no matter how well mom brandishes her spear at the end of the day autism will still be there.    And I think this focus is HORRIBLE.  It is horrible to  parents, families, teachers, society at large and most importantly to the child themselves.   It is every bit as cruel as the refrigerator mother mindset and maybe even more so.