Hannah’s First Communion

May 18, 2009 § 4 Comments

The big day was yesterday!

Early in the morning and ready to go!

Early in the morning and ready to go!

Hannah looked like an angel.   Seeing her in the dress made me so very glad that I worked up the nerve to do it and so glad that my husband was persistent and encouraging.

Ashley and I drove Hannah to the parish early so we could gets a pew and make sure everything was in place.   In our parish the First Communicants give each other little favors, holy cards, little candies,  it is a very sweet tradition and makes the day even more special.  We made little boxes and put  a little tulle bag with mints and Tootsie-roll minis in each one.

Hannah's little gift boxes

Hannah's little gift boxes

Kyle brought the other children a little after us.

Sarah and Josh give Hannah a hugs before she leaves.

Sarah and Josh give Hannah a hugs before she leaves.

We got to the parish none too early.  It was already filling up and we were happy just to get a pew.  We passed my mother on the way there and Babchia and granddad had already arrived with Uncle David and cosines Logan, Shelby and Shane.

Here they come.

Here they come.

The first communicants processed in together.  They were all so lovely.

One thing I like about how our parish does first communion is that we have a professional photographer take pictures of the actual reception.  This means parents aren’t scrambling to get their pictures while no one gets to see a thing.

Happy and proud!

Happy and proud!

After the Mass we have a reception in the parish hall:

So exciting!

So exciting!

Babchia took Hannah outside to get some pictures and Father Antony was there.  I love this picture.

Shinning like the sun!

Shinning like the sun!

We all had a happy day, everyone is so proud of Hannah.

leaving church

leaving church

What a blessed day we all had.


§ 4 Responses to Hannah’s First Communion

  • Congratulations, Hannah!

    The dress turned out beautifully and Hannah looks so very lovely!! I am glad you did it. It was definitely worth it (yes, from the one who didn’t stitch a stitch!)

    Our parish has a professional come, too. It makes a world of difference. Of course, we’re still waiting on Confirmation photos because there was a mistake made on them, but still, not seeing parents exhibiting less than Christian behavior in order to get the shot is worth the wait.

  • Sarah says:

    Congratulations to both you and Hannah. I wanted to stop you and say I LOVE the dress but with all the craziness I couldn’t find you. You did a wonderful job on the dress and have inspired me to try it next year for Isabella.

    Hannah you were beautiful on such a wonderful day.

  • Lovely First Communion dress! I also love the idea of the gift boxes.

  • Michael says:

    Congrats to you and Hannah. May God keep both of you close to Him.

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