I can’t sleep.  Kyle is gone again for work and I am sitting here staring at the computer as my eyes glaze over.

Today was strange.  We had a nice morning at my dad’s and then came home and Christopher spent the next 9 hours working on his math and vocabulary with about 30 minutes off to eat and do his chores. 

Once he was done he and I spent a little time talking about how he needs to work somewhat faster.  We figured he spend over 20 minutes on each vocabulary word.  Each one!  all he has to do is look the word up and copy the definition into the computer.  We practiced looking a couple words up and he found them in less than a minute.  He agreed that he was being very naughty and that it cost him all his free time.  I remember a couple nights with Ashley doing homework like this so I think it is one of those lessons that once learned stick with you.  Hopefully he will apply himself better tomorrow.