The Simple Woman’s Daybook – July 28

he Simple Woman’s Daybook
is hosted by Peggy at the Simple Woman.
Thank you Peggy.

FOR TODAY : July 28, 2008
My little girl turns seven this week.  

Outside My Window… One of those horrible evil crows has showed up.  He is a noisy bugger.  Usually they don’t stay around long.
I am thinking… About apples, my apples are looking ripe.
I am thankful for… My new sourdough starter.  My father in law gave me a starter yesterday I need to start playing with it.
From the kitchen… Sour dough pancakes for tomorrow will be fun and make my husband happy.  Today I am making some more apple sauce and some pie filling for the freezer. 
I am wearing…  Brown capris and a purple top.  
I am creating…  I have some old code that stopped working with PHP5 and I need to fix it.  Not quite creating, but unfortunately that might end up being the case if I can’t get it to work the way I want it to — yeah drawing board.
I am going…  Nowhere today.  My sister in law is heading to Guam in about a week.  Now I find this endlessly humorous because Guam is the place I use instead of Timbuktu.  Send her to Guam for all I care.  Makes me laugh.
I am reading…  Laundry, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell and It’s All Too Much. 
I am hoping…  That the code I need to fix is an easy fix.
I am hearing…  The evil crow and his evil friend. 
Around the house… I am preparing a new garden bed.
One of my favorite things… My laundry line.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:Hannah turns seven this week.  We will be having a double deck-er birthday party for her and her cousin and a going away party for my SIL and her family this weekend.

Here is picture thought I am sharing…

4 thoughts on “The Simple Woman’s Daybook – July 28

  1. Oh my word, your beautiful daughter so favors my seven year old it’s freaky! Happy birthday to her! (I can’t wait til morning when I can show my little girl your little girl’s picture!)

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