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Autism on CNN

It appears this week that CNN is going to do the miraculous and pull down “The wall of silence around autism”. 

Now I will give you that my experience with autism has made autism very much “on the radar” for me, and I suppose there are some people out there who really haven’t heard about it all that much, but, despite the fact that raising the general awareness of autism is a good, I can’t help but be leery.   The media love to showcase autism cases where the autistic individual is relatively high functioning.  Now I could be wrong and we might see the whole spectrum represented, but I am not holding my breath.

My world

Getting back into the swing of things

Kyle got a job.  It is a contract postion that should last through the summer, then — who knows?  But for now we have returned to life with me as the homemaker and he as the breadwinner and it has been a transition.  I hate not having him around all day, but I find that I get a great deal more done without him here.  More because I have to keep myself busy or I get a bit stir-crazy. 

The weather has been insane.  Hail, sleet, snow, sun, rain… all within a few hours.  This has made the outdoor playtime with the children all but impossible.