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This weekend was a complete loss.  I haven’t been so ill in years.  I literally didn’t stir from my bed at all on Saturday and Sunday only managed to lay on the sofa in the living room and watch a couple Jane Austin movies while my family brought me tea and “Cream of Wheat” and generally did a very good job of taking care of me and leaving me mostly alone. 

 Today I am feeling better.  Well enough to pull myself to the computer and do a small bit of work.

I have decided that the few days after I am feeling horrible are the worst.  I can see what needs to be done but I really don’t have the energy to tackle anything.  The house is in disarray, my sheets need changed and the bedding aired, the pantry is a bit picked over and I have no idea what Kyle has been feeding the children.  All this I can deal with but at some point I need to brush my hair and wash it.  I dread this.  I have thick, coarse hair, with a good deal of curl that hangs to my mid back.  Usually it is brushed and braided and in a neat little bun at the nap of my neck.  Currently it is a sweaty, tangled mass, hanging awkwardly down my back and I am not quite up to the task of dealing with it yet.

One thought on “Illness

  1. I hope you are feeling all better quickly. Each of our girls had a nasty strain of the flu last month and it was like watching the dominoes fall. One would get better and then another one would get it.

    It was interesting as it’s the first time they’ve really been sick since I went back to work. I have my own office so when they were in the recovery phase I was able to bring them to work with me, make a makeshift bed for them and let them rest and watch movies on my laptop. It worked – lol.

    I’m glad they all helped take care of you. Don’t worry about the stuff around the house. It will get done eventually. Take the time to rest and slowly get back into your routine.

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