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2008 almost here

I have been reading the past few days about other peoples’ goals for the new year.  Resolutions tickle and haunt me.  Knowing that I am called to be the better me and the constant and constantly failing attempt to be that person is the thread that runs through the tapestry of my life.

Most of the past six weeks, with the noteable exception of Christmas, have found me stressed, overwhelmed, over worked, lacking in passion and pleasure and mostly just drained.  Time is wasted and wanted and left crumpled in a pile of must dos and must be done all pressing in upon me until I am crushed.  Stress just plain stress has condensed me to a point where I spend all my time doing nothing but worrying about all the nothing that isn’t being done.

A new start is most needed right now.  So I look forward to the chance to step into a new year.  I have two rather large projects and two small ones with my work competing for time right now.  We are taking next week off from homeschooling and I will have a little time to revise some of what we are doing.  There are two new approaches that I want to try. 

I wish I could just burn it all and start new right now.  But I can’t I need to work with where I am and go forward tweaking, dumping, and reworking what isn’t working to make life work better.  I have slowly been making these changes a little at a time.  Anyhow.    This post is more a brain dump than anything.  A place to begin thinking about making some lasting changes in the new year.