Faith in Action

Too much to say

…and no words to say it.

 I have been a bit quiet lately.  Not because I have nothing to say, but because there are so many things I am thinking about but I am having a bit of trouble getting it all written down.

So I will start with something easy.  Girl’s clothing.  Slate (of all places) has a very funny take on shopping for you 10-14  year old daughter.  In Lolita’s Closet Emily Yoffe describes a recent shopping trip in which she tries to outfit her daughter in clothing that is fashionable, comfortable and not screaming “Please molest my daughter.”  A tough thing to do as any parent of a pre-teen will tell you. 

Every parent out there has been in Ms. Yoffee’s shoes.   There are only so many options when looking to clothe our children: you are either given clothing, you buy clothing or you make it.  Most of us head to the mall or department store where things start to go wrong some how.  Ms. Yoffee and myself look at these racks of suggestive and sometimes downright scandalous clothing and steer our little girls to the least offensive options we can find.  But SOMEONE is buying this stuff.  Someone has to be or they wouldn’t sell it.   Who is buying it?  Why the parents next door or down the street or sitting next to you at the ball game.  The “why” is what I find interesting.  I am still working on that one.  But I can tell you it was a serrious shock to me when one of my daughter’s classmate’s mothers made the remark “If you got it I guess you should flaunt it.”  This about her own 12 or 13 year old child…  What a weird world we live in.

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