Funny Questions

Why don’t you blog about politics?

I hate politics.  It isn’t just that the same bureaucrats are in power no matter who wins or loses.  It is the venom and bile that gets spewed around.   I am not a fan of either party and I find that Washington is filled with too many politicians and not enough statesmen.   The whole thing depresses me.  I feel that I would quickly get pulled down into the oily mud pit if I spent much time looking too deeply.

The other reality is that I really do not feel that I have much to say there.  My blog is “Simply Catholic” and I feel that it is slowly finding its own “voice”.  While there are political topics that are very relevant to Christians in general and/or Catholics in particular I really don’t feel the need to speak on them every week.  Others have much more to say and say it much better.

The final reason I don’t blog about politics is that not much really changes.  Week to week it is almost the same thing over and over and over.  I read a few blogs that really just highlight, yet again, that their heros are good and the other guys are EVIL, and they really need to tell you that again… oh and next week, tomorrow, later this afternoon… they will have something more to say on the whole good vrs evil paradigm.  They and their favorites of course being good while the other guys are evil.  (you did catch they “we” are good and “they” are bad — right?) 

Good vrs Evil is fine for movies and cartoons.  It makes for boring literature and untenable politics.   Politics must be the realm of compromise and if you make the mistake of painting everything with the black or the white brush you will miss the chance to be able to do something effective for your constituents who probably don’t agree much with the black and white part when you get right down to it and even those who do work in blacks and whites will not agree what items should be sloughed with which brush.