Catholic Homeschooling

Back to School Shopping

Yesterday while picking up a few groceries I happened to notice that hidden behind the fireworks, red, white and blue napkins, plastic tablecloths and discounted gas grills was a full display of pencils, notebooks and bottles of Elmer’s glue all awaiting eager back to school shoppers. There was in my heart about 30 seconds of regret that my children will not soon be picking up their “back to school” supply list. They won’t be getting a wardrobe of new clothes, and a backpack.  There will be no evening with them carefully putting their names on their pencil boxes and crayons. (though many classrooms have switched to a “community property” rule when it comes to school supplies)… and with that my entire regret that we switched to homeschooling our children passed.

Deciding to homeschool was a big step for us. We are staring at the start of our second year homeschooling and I am looking at it with a mix of excitement and the normal stress that accompanies any large endeavor. And homeschooling is in ways a large endeavor. It takes time, both planning and implementing. There are moments when the kids just do not want to do their studies and times where other pressing things get in the way. But overall I know this is the best solution for our family

One thing that strikes me as rather amusing at the moment is how homeschooling is viewed by so much of the world. Now, I will grant that having six children makes us rather insane looking to the common populace, then add the homeschooling thing on top of that and people you meet become quite convinced that you are completely insane without uttering another word. Until you walk into the local Catholic homeschool group then we are all nuts together.


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