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Clothing storage

What do you do with all those wonderful things that your older child has outgrown, but that the next child probably won’t need for 2 more years?  Or what about the hand-me-downs, consignment store and garage sale finds that are too cute to pass up but you won’t need until next summer?

My super easy storage solution is Banker boxes.  You can purchase them in 10 packs from any office supply store.  They are sturdy, stack well and have their own lids so you aren’t having to tape them shut.   If I am out shopping and see a too-good-to-pass-up deal for next season I can open the box and add the item without having to re-tape it.  I write the size, gender and season(if needed) on the outside of the box and store them on a basement shelf of in the closets.

baby boy and 2t boy winter boxes
baby boy and 2t boy winter boxes

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Works for me – Simple White Dishes


I find that simple useful things usually have a great deal of beauty to them. Today I am singing the praises of simple white dishware, the kind you can find almost anywhere, stoneware, solid, usually creamy white in basic shapes. It is inexpensive, easy to clean, usually dishwasher and microwave safe and sometimes even oven safe. The essence of kitchen simplicity

But, its boring. Yes, sort of. If you are the type who has to have something colorful and exciting then I suppose they are sort of boring. Fiestaware or something might be your choice. But for me I like the simplicity of white.

Since you can find them anywhere they are very easy to replace. The five year old dropping a plate will not be a tragedy. White also makes for easy cleanup. Even a young child can learn to wash a dish. Unadulterated white makes it easy to see that a through job has been done.

On the flip side I love fine china. There is something really nice about having dinner on fine plates. I have three patterns that I collect when I have the chance. These are items that bring a good deal of pleasure to me, one set has been handed down from my father’s mother and the other are just two sets I love. My hope is that my daughters and granddaughters will also love them.

But for everyday use nothing beat those nice little white stoneware dishes.

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