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Works for me Wednesday – I will pray for you

Prayer requests are sometimes a daunting thing to keep  up with.   My homeschool email list, friends, family, blog-friends all frequently have requests or intentions that I want to pray for.  Unfortunately I am crippled with a memory somewhat resembling swiss cheese so I would promise to pray for someone’s intention and then forget.  This caused me some distress, I didn’t intent to forget, but I would then I would feel badly for not remembering.  I found two little things helped me quite a bit.

What works for me:
I always have loved the line in the confession  ” For these and for all my sins, known and unknown, I am truly sorry”.  It is such a reflection of our broken humanity.    There are things I just slip and forget, but I am none the less intensely sorry for my sins no matter if I can instantly call them to mind or not.

I bagan to slip something similar into my prayers “and for all those intentions that I have promised to pray for”.  But it seems like such a cop-out in a way — but it is far far better than not.

The better solution:
A couple years ago I was listening to a talk on the radio where the speaker (who I can’t remember for the life of me… back to the swiss chess thing) urged his audience to take a notebook to mass an write down one thing.  Just one thing, the most important thing to them for a year.  I purchased a small leather-bound book that fits neatly in my purse.  It has come to serve two purposes.  First it serves as a place to write down those important thoughts from mass, but it also serves as a great place to jot down those intention which I want to pray for.   It is a sort of prayer journal.  Something I can look at and refer to not just for my current prayer intentions, but also to see the glory of God working in the answers to those things for which I am praying.

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